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Focussen en mindfulness

Op 18/02/2015 werd Ann Weiser Cornell geïnterviewd door Lisa Garr in “The Aware Show”. Op de vraag naar hoe focussen zich verhoudt met mindfulness antwoordde Ann het volgende:  

"Focusing is a mindfulness method but it also is mindfulness plus, it goes mindfulness and further.

So mindfulness is this wonderful state of open awareness, where we are not judging, we are not reacting.  And really in dozens of ways, that is very powerful for your wellbeing, your resilience, your ability to face the stresses of your life. The body can immediately feel the difference when you do mindfulness.  And what focusing adds to that is the felt sense - only focusing talks about the felt sense.

The felt sense is actually wisdom incapsulated in your body and you turn toward what you feel and more than just accepting it, you dialogue with it, you listen to it, you let it tell you how it feels and what it feels that way about, you let it know you hear it and you feel the difference in your body.

And that is added to the most widespread mindfulness technique. They go together very well."

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