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Focusing Weeklong: Connections and Crossings

" crossing we create in each other what neither of us was before."     

- Gene Gendlin 

November 6-12, 2015 
at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, New York

Participants of the Weeklong come from all over the world, from Mexico to Germany, from Korea to Chile, from Italy to Japan, from Costa Rica to Canada, from China to the Netherlands, from USA to Argentina. 


At the end of every Weeklong people are asked: "What was the best in it for you?" One of the main things they always mention is the richness of connecting and crossing between people from such different cultures. Here are some of the words people shared:


Wonderful connection, fruitful and joyful togetherness,

celebration of diversity, heart and mind opening,

a great opportunity to experience cross cultural relationships,

entering a new inspiring community,

'新しい'私との出会い  encountering new me.


How would it be for you - to be part of such a richly varied group of international focusing people, making new profound connections and finding more of your authentic self?


Take a moment to pause... and feel inside...

In today's world, full of conflict, disconnect, and divisions, the Connections and Crossings Focusing Weeklong offers us a vision and experience of connection, mutual growth, and celebration of diversity. Come enjoy the power of crossing your inner wisdom with other cultures! And we promise you, you will return home different from what you were when you came!



The Crossing Support Group:


Peter KH Cheung, Hong Kong

Aaffien de Vries, Netherlands

Mónica Gómez, Mexico

Maki Miyake, Japan

Suzanne Noël, Costa Rica

Catherine Torpey, TFI


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