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2015: International Focusing Conference in Seattle

Dear Focusing Friends all over the world!

During the Coordinators Meeting in Switzerland our group of Focusers in the Pacific Northwest of the United States offered to host the next International.  We chose 2015, giving ourselves only 2 years to work, because we didn't want to let the usual 3 years planning time go by before another conference.

We will meet on the Seattle University campus where Certifying Coordinator Kevin Krycka teaches.   The campus is perched on a hill in a city surrounded by mountains and water.

The 26th International Focusing Conference will be Wednesday July 29 to Sunday Aug. 2, 2015, with a coordinators' meeting the day before, July 28.  We will find room for all those who want to come.  SeaTac International Airport is close by, for easy access, and shuttles to campus will be arranged.

We want to give you the flavor of our area, with its mountains, water, and vibrant, fresh aliveness.  And we want to share a taste of our special way of gathering together here.  Lots of energetic planning is going on amongst local focusers, and we will get you more information when we can.

For pictures of Seattle and Seattle University try these links. Seattle and Seattle University

With enthusiasm,
on behalf of the larger committee
Nina Joy Lawrence, Jeffrey Morrison and Kevin Krycka

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