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Datum: Vrijdag 17/5/2019
Rue de BethlÚem 9
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Introduction to Whole Body Focusing

What will you learn?

During this 3-day experiential workshop, you will learn:

·                   Learn the 6 steps of Whole Body Focusing. 

·                  Gain tools to develop deep listen skills -to your self and to others

·                  Discover a new way to have contact with your body and your self

·                   Develop deeper trust and empathy (for yourself and others)

·                  Gain Level 1 Certified Focusing Training 

Georganiseerd door:
Ruth Friedman

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Why Whole Body Focusing?
Whole Body Focusing combines the intelligence of your mind with your body, your heart, and your feelings. It helps you find an expanded sense of self and bringing you deep knowledge and wisdom. It can bring you fully present in this moment and helping you to better manage your stresses and challenges.



What is Whole Body Focusing?
Focusing is a mind-body approach that takes into account you as a whole person beyond the separation between mind and body. It is based on accessing your felt sense. We use the intelligence of the mind to track your moment to moment bodily sensations so that you can come into contact with a much more spacious sense of your self, and the recognition that you are a whole person who is much larger than your challenges.



With Whole Body Focusing we explore our feelings and emotions with curiosity This brings us information buried in our body and gives us the opportunity to change habits that no longer serve us. We gain deep acceptance and compassion for ourselves. We develop a deeper sense of ourselves as a person, and connected to life outside of us.


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