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10th International Children's Focusing Conference - Rome - Oktober 2018
*10th Children’s Focusing Conference*   “Children of Tomorrow”   New perspectives in a Focusing attitude

Dear Focusing Community, we are really pleased and proud to announce the *10th International Conference of Children Focusing 2018.*
The conference will take place in Rome (Italy), in the heart of the Eternal City and  in the magical atmosphere of the Auditorium Antonianum, 
from the evening of Wednesday  17 October to lunchtime of Sunday  21 October 2018.

Our Idea:
This Conference is based on the idea that we are now leaving the Postmodern Era,  which began in the 1980s. This era is characterized by rapid
changes that offer constant stimulation, largely due to  developments in the digital area, to the power of the Internet and all the various multimedia connections that have evolved.

Children of this Era are called “digital natives”. Their brains work differently from ours. New behaviours and new disorders are emerging and often we, as adults, as parents, as carers, are not ready to deal with hold all these changes.

Focusing with children can represent a useful tool to positively meet the speed and the stimulation related to this process. 
Having a  Focusing Attitude with children and teenagers can be especially helpful. The possibility to pause and feel the inner world throughout the
body can be very beneficial.

This is not just for the person who works with children! We can apply this way of being towards all the people in our life and especially towards
our “inner child”:  the first one we must accept, care about and embrace, before  working with the children in our lives.

The Conference offers the opportunity to share our experiences with children, to learn new tools and perspectives that can support us to work
more effectively in our professional practices, in our focusing sessions, in our classrooms, in our trainings, or to simply be with our children at home.

The Conference is open to anyone who has completed a basic Focusing course and to anyone who is interested in Focusing with Children.

We welcome parents, grandparents, teachers, group leaders, nurses, child-psychotherapists and anyone who cares for a child.

Our basic organising committee is:
- Emanuela Fonticoli (Coordinator, Supervisor and Conference Programmer, translation)
- Marco Boffi (Web and technology)
- Alessandra Fonticoli (Accomodation and City Tours)
- Vanessa Rebeschini (Organization and communication for workshops, translation)

The language of the conference will be English, with translation in Italian where required.
Full details of the costs and the venue will come soon through a dedicated website.

We wish to share our work and our Love for children and their future with many of you.

Emanuela Fonticoli
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