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The International Focusing Conference 2015
Dear Focusing Friends,
As the date for the International Focusing Conference draws nearer (July 29 - August 2), there are a few deadlines I wanted to let you know about.

June 8 is the last day for submitting a presentation proposal that will be included in our regularly scheduled program.
If you miss that date and still want to present something, you will have an opportunity to sign up at the Conference to offer something
during our daily Open Space times.

July 2 is the last day to sign up for campus housing.
July 22 is the deadline to register for the Conference.

Meanwhile, registration is still open!!  Please visit our website to see more details about the conference and to register.

Whatever  your interest in Focusing, I'm sure you'll find inspiration at the Conference.  Here are just a few of the topics that will be presented:
- Focusing and Positive Psychology,
- Focusing and Non-Violent Communication,
- Focusing and Tai Chi,
- Wholebody Focusing,
- Focusing with Trauma,
- Focusing with Pain and Illness,
- Focusing and Coaching,
- Focusing and Tango,
- Focusing as a means to Untangle our biggest issues,
- Focusing and Community Development,
- And much more!!!

I'm hoping I'll see you in Seattle!
Katherine Kehoe, Planning Committee Member
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