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Workshop “Interactive Focusing” by Masumi Maeda and Miho Yamamoto on May 28th, 29th and 30th 2015
Enkele mooie uitspraken over Interactive Focusing 
(bron: mail van TFI i.v.m. Focusing Weeklong: Spotlight on Interactive Focusing and the Dr. Janet Klein Scholarship - 13/03/2015)
en misschien meteen ook net dat duwtje dat jij nodig hebt om je in te schrijven voor de workshop van Focussen Vlaanderen:

The intention of Interactive Focusing is to build bonds of intimacy by allowing 
you to "touch into your direct experience in the presence of another person...

in the safe, empathic, accepting and

compassionate environment which you create together."

"Janet Klein was the co-creator of Interactive Focusing. While writing her dissertation, Janet discovered that a Focusing interaction would be the perfect vehicle for relationship processing. She eventually discovered that the nub of the interaction was creating empathy between the participants. Thus, in her Interactive Focusing model, she made a separate space for experiencing empathy. She called this space "The Empathic Moment." She went on to add "Focuser as Teacher" feedback, an interactive response, and a relationship check. These parts comprise a significant amount of difference in structure and intention from the original partnership exchange model."


Van harte welkom op de workshop van Focussen Vlaanderen!


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