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Tenth Anniversary Focusing Institute Summer School

August 14th – August 20th, 2015
The Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY

Focusing is a way of tapping into your vast emotional intelligence through the messages of your body. Focusing gives you direct access to your own inner compass, where you know the right direction for your life. Focusing is a meditation-like process of inner attention and self-inquiry that can be done alone or in peer Focusing partnerships, and can be brought into psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, nursing, teaching… the possibilities are endless.

Since the publication of Eugene Gendlin’s book Focusing in 1978, Focusing has become a worldwide movement with applications in creativity, business, health, trauma release, spirituality, addiction, chronic pain, working with children, parents and babies  – and much more. The Focusing Summer School brings together five “master” teachers of Focusing, people who are recognized in the Focusing community as some of the most well-known and sought after international teachers of Focusing, and who offer a variety of approaches and styles.

How it works… When you sign up for the Summer School, you choose one of the five teachers as your main teacher for the week. You will meet with that teacher in a class every morning for six mornings, along with the same people every day, building a container of safety and support and coming away at the end of the week with solid skills and connections. You can sample the other four teachers by attending the stand-alone workshops that are offered in the afternoons and on some evenings. Morning courses require advance registration, but afternoon/evening courses do not.

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