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Gateways to Focusing

Since December 2008, the Focusing Institute’s website has hosted the “Focusing Conversations” series. When the series was started, its goal was described as follows: “While each conversation is meant to stand on its own, this project is also meant to be an ongoing exploration of how to talk about focusing. Little by little, as conversations occur, we will be paying attention to how we describe what happens in the process of focusing.”

Now that many people have shared about their experience in this conversational format, it is possible to take more of an overview, and to consciously contemplate the breadth and depth of “the varieties of focusing experience.”

One note of caution about “breadth and depth”: This project is not meant to be an exhaustive catalog of the full richness of the world of Focusing. Quite a lot of stimulating experiences and points-of-view are not represented here. This was, of course, not a deliberate decision to exclude, but a result of the serendipitous process of setting up conversations with people.

We are gathering here, in one document, some brief written statements from many of the people who have been part of the series. In 50 words or less, they share with you something about their approach.

Gateways to Focusing[This file is a large (4MB) PDF and may take some time to download. You can right click the link and save the file to your computer.]

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