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Datum: Donderdag 28/5/2015
op 28/5/2015 09u00 - 00u00
op 28/5/2015 09u30 - 17u00
Locatie: (28/5/2015)
Oxdonkstraat 168 1880 KAPELLE-OP-DEN-BOS
Locatie: (28/5/2015)
Oxdonkstraat 168 1880 KAPELLE-OP-DEN-BOS
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Profile of Masumi Maeda
Profile of Miho Yamamoto
Workshop “Interactive Focusing” by Masumi Maeda and Miho Yamamoto on May 28th, 29th and 30th 2015

Focusing Flanders is happy to invite everyone with a basic knowledge of focusing to come to the Workshop “Interactive Focusing” by Masumi Maeda and Miho Yamamoto on May 28th, 29th and 30th 2015 in Koningsteen, Kapelle-op-den-Bos, Belgium.


This workshop is meant to introduce participants to the basic principles of Interactive Focusing including a variety of practical and enjoyable exercises.  You will experience and begin to understand key concepts of Interactive Focusing such as: safe environment, reflective listening, empathic responses, Focuser-as-Teacher and bodysense to bodysense communication. 


The emphasis will be on building your awareness and listening skills which naturally leads to developing a more positive and caring attitude towards oneself and others.  It is our hope that by introducing you to Interactive Focusing it will become more familiar and reach as many people as possible, worldwide.


Interactive Focusing was created by Janet Klein and developed as an extension of “Partnership Focusing”.  It emphasizes “interaction” which Eugene Gendlin considers indispensable in therapeutic relationships.   Dr. Klein’s motivation came from her own personal experience facing divorce and her desire to become a better, empathic listener with a deeper healing relationship with others.


 Interactive Focusing is a powerful and excellent training tool for improving advanced-level empathic listening skills which leads to mutual understanding and better relationships.  To ensure that lively and empathic interactions occur during a session, Dr. Klein intentionally added several new steps called the “Double Empathic Moment”, the “Interactive Response”, and the “Relationship Check”. These three steps and the balanced collaborative work of the partners give the story-teller (focuser) a new awareness and feeling of contentment that they have been heard and understood on a deeper level and allow the listener to acquire  more empathic, accepting, and compassionate attitudes.


With our combined experience and careers as a psychologist/counselor and by adding a bit of Japanese culture, we hope to make this workshop most heart-warming as well as exciting and informative.  We also hope to pass on Dr. Klein’s passion for using Interactive Focusing to contribute to world peace.


~~Participants Voices~~

      I was tense at first, but the slow and leisurely pace made me feel natural. So surprising and happy that I could meet a new person in me. Thank you so much.

      I was able to reach a place of far deeper understanding than ever with the presence of a caring and empathic listener.  I felt so much closer to her after the session.

      Warm feeling from safe/accepting atmosphere opened my heart, bringing me new insight.

The facilitators of this workshop are Masumi Maeda and Miho Yamamoto, two female certified clinical psychologists and focusing trainers from Japan.


Masumi Maeda had the privilege of training directly with Janet Klein for almost ten years and created teaching programs with her.  She attended workshops on many applied forms of Focusing. She lived in the United States as a high school exchange student and graduate student and traveled abroad extensively. The co-facilitator of this workshop, Miho Yamamoto, uses Interactive Focusing in her counseling and community work.
More information about Interactive Focusing:
More information about the teachers: see attachments
More information about Koningsteen:
Everybody who has at least a focusing level 1 or an equal basic training in focusing is allowed to register for this workshop.
Members VVCEPC (including “belangstellenden” VVCEPC): 300 euro
Others: 330 euro
This includes the 3-day workshop, coffee, tea, water, juice, fruit and refreshments and warm vegetarian meals at noon.

Limited number of participants.

Registration is only complete after paying your fee.

To register, fill in this form. 

If you have questions, contact Tine Swyngedouw:
Rooms are available at Koningsteen:
A meal costs 12 euro for one evening. A single room costs 115 euro for 2 nights and 75 euro if you share a room. Breakfast, sheets and towels are included.
You need to book your room and evening meal directly with Koningsteen.

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PriceOthers€ 330
Members VVCEPC (including “belangstellenden” VVCEPC)€ 300
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